Buy Autoblow 2 or not? A Review

There are a lot of male masturbators out there, and though the market is predominantly one designed for women (think of the selection of dildos and vibrators), that doesn’t mean that men can’t get in on the action. I’ve been an active Fleshlight user for a long time, and never had any problems with it – when my wife is gone on a business trip, it makes for an excellent and satisfying jerk-off session.

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Buy Autoblow 2 or not? A Review
Technically the best automated masturbating product for men so far, easy to clean
8.7 Total Score
The Best Masturbator Yet

Technically the best automated masturbating product for men so far, easy to clean

Realism of feelings
Easy to handle
Intelligent design
Easy to clean
Poduct Quality
Synchronisation to Video
User Rating: 2.58 (142 votes)

However, the experience can often become tiresome; in essence, you’re jacking off the same way you would normally, except the simulation is more realistic. Additionally, the ‘hands off’ approach is also great (although it made me feel a bit lazy) – as opposed to other masturbators, you merely hold the Autoblow2 in place and let it do the work for you. After a really hard day of work and you feel the need to blow off a load, I can see this being a very useful and practical approach to masturbation.

Visit the product page of Autoblow2

The Autoblow2 Is The Best Masturbator Yet


Granted, the Autoblow2’s name sounds almost comical, but the crowd funded device is finding its niche market, and I didn’t expect myself to be in it – but I totally am. Unlike conventional masturbators, the Autoblow2, like what its name suggests, is designed specifically to emulate a blowjob. This alone makes it rather unique – it is one of the first devices that I have been able to find that is specifically focused on trying to bring the actual sensation of a blowjob to a sex-toy.

And, in trying to appeal to as wide a demographic as possible, they include three sizes for their sheathes, so there is a fit for everyone. Personally, I recommend buying more than one size, that way you can experiment yourself with tighter or looser fitting sessions.

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How It Works

The actual device itself is deceptively simple, but it’s clear that it’s gone through a lot of testing to ensure its quality, and has a huge list of supporters ranging from Playboy to Business Insider, which says something not only about its role as an innovative technology, but is also testament to the fact that people are really enjoying it. So how does it actually work? I received my own Autoblow2 last month and I’ve become a huge fan: like most male masturbators, it includes a vinyl sheathe that is easy to clean and safe for skin contact.

Feel her suck your dick like she’d be there for real

A small piston on the side causes two rounded haloes of plastic beads to move up and down on the sheath, perfectly mimicking the sensation of a cock-hungry maiden sucking you off. The rhythm and movement are so realistic that in many cases, the Autoblow2 gave me a better blowjob than some my wife has given me – that sounds bad, perhaps, but it’s not that hard to believe.

Blowjobs, as many man will account for, require a certain kind of technique (just as normal fucking does) and practice makes perfect in both cases; the beauty of the Autoblow2 is that it has already been programmed with pretty much the best technique there is, stroking and compressing my cock in an up and down rhythm that makes me explode inside it.

How to clean the Autoblow2

Now, thankfully as mentioned, it is easy to clean. I was a bit nervous about being able to keep it sanitary, as some sex toys have nooks and crannies that make it difficult to achieve 100% hygiene. However, the sheath comes out and is easily cleanable, and the exterior casing is also ‘splash-proof’ so you don’t have to worry about semen fouling up the functions.

Visit the product page of Autoblow2

An added bonus is the fact that the Autoblow2 runs on any normal plug socket, so there’s never any problems with batteries (not having any, or having such lower power that it diminishes the experience). The tight springs that contract around the sheathes are also designed to increase sensitivity, and I definitely felt as if I were plunging the tip of my manhood into the tight lips of my wife.

The Final Take On The Autoblow2

autoblow2autoblowThere is definitely something versatile about the Autoblow2 – a blowjob is often that taboo sort of pleasure that every man secretly desires in private, and even with a lover it can be a touchy subject to bring up. This is why I think there is definitely a place for the device among certain men.

The Autblow2 website also makes this transaction much easier: on one hand it is very discreet, and payment is done with equal prudence, so you don’t have to worry about a mysterious-sounding purchase showing up on your credit card (my wife, for instance, was looking over our credit summary and I was able to divert her attention by claiming it was a Christmas present – of course, now I have to find something for her).

500+ hours warranty sounds promising & it works on any normal plug socket

The advantage of purchasing the Autoblow2 on their website is that you can also buy a set which includes a water-based lubricant and cleaner. That was something that was new to me – most of the time, I don’t require lube, and varying the sizes of the sheathes that I was using sometimes necessitated quite a bit of product (another reason to buy two different sizes, so that you can go up or down according to penis width for a more comfortable blowjob).

Visit the product page of Autoblow2

The price tag on the Autoblow2 was pretty well in the standard range of sex toys for men, but not surprisingly you’re getting a novel sexual fantasy so for connoisseurs of automated masturbation you really can’t go wrong. There are routinely deals or rebates on purchases as well, so it’s a good idea to check their site before committing. The last thing I will mention, and which in my opinion validates the price, is the 500+ hours warranty (which I imagine could easily be extended if you were meticulous with its use and cleaning).


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