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As far as VR porn sites go, it’s not always easy to know which one to go with, and ultimately it comes down to one’s preferences in the bedroom. Since its inception, Badoink VR has been aiming to deliver premium content – and the amazing and gorgeous actresses they find for their videos is the main reason I keep coming back.

Granted, they don’t have a huge selection of movies at the moment, but given the constraints and production quality required for a good VR movie, it’s not surprising; Badoink VR makes up for its limited options by ensuring that what they do put up is enough to keep you wanting more. Take, for instance, the variety of different experiences they have.

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The Best In the Business, Badoink VR Caters To All

In “Naughty School Girl Gets A D”, one of their very popular videos,  the absolutely tempting and nubile Abril saunters in a plaid school girl’s skirt that’s just begging to be torn off. In no time at all she’s naked and stuffing your giant cock deep in her virgin pussy as you give her some proper instruction on how to (as the video suggests) take a dick in the ass.

She finished up with a blowjob that you’ll be able to feel even as you come in real life. The high quality of their videos means that there is an immersive binaural sound system in place, so no matter which way you turn, you’ll be able to hear her scream and moan for more, and they spare no detail when it comes to the head tracking technology. Take in the whole environment until the very last minute.

Where No VR Has Gone Before

While they may not have a huge number of videos (yet), Badoink VR does have a special bonus offer with a subscription to their site, and it’s another one of the main reasons that they’ve become so popular – they’ll send a free Google Cardboard headset that can be used with any smartphone. This is a really handy and convenient option for people that don’t want to spend the heavy price on an Oculus Rift or Samsung Gear VR, but are still eager to experience what Badoink VR has to offer in the way of 3D sex.

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It should also be noted that while their prices are cheap, it would be nice to see some videos that are a little longer than the average 15 minutes that most of them hem in at. At the moment, there are no supporting sex toys either, but with the growing ubiquity of VR devices and the increasing interest in compatible technologies, it’s not a leap to suggest that we could see some partnering up in the future with teledildonic companies like Lovense and Kiiroo.

Overall, Badoink VR is a growing talent in the adult industry, and the demand for more and varied content has clearly reached their ears. In fact, until News Year they have a promo offer which will add two new videos every week – definitely on my Christmas list.


About Badoink VR:

Let interactive virtual porn turn you on. We have been hearing about virtual reality porn and literary waiting for it to reach our screens. To the pleasure of porn lovers, virtual reality is finally here. While you sit at your home watching normal porn videos, others might be busy indulging themselves in an amazing virtual reality experience at their home. So why not join the race?

Without a doubt, Virtual reality is here and it is happening in the form of Badoinkvr.
Badoinkvr is a site that is bringing you this new era of virtual phone through their top-notch technical tools and amazing offers. The company is making porn real than ever. By looking at the image propelled from the specially made gear, one can easily make out that the era of highly immersive and interactive porn is finally coming our way.

So how does it feel like watching virtual porn or actually being in it? The whole phenomenonm actually makes use of a 3D technology in which user actually feels like he is a part of the porn. To be more precise, the technology used is 180 or 360 degree stereoscopic 3D view that actually brings the bodies of porn stars and the viewer in a virtual contact. You might be feeling already aroused, if you get the idea. Right?

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The breasts bounces and skin tones look real. Yes, they indeed look real human breast and they are more than perfect. You get to spend some time with your dream girl in a virtual way. Adding to the intimacy of the video, the sound comes into picture with a realistic binaural sound effect.

So, what you have to do to be the centre of attraction of your favorite porn video? There are various virtual viewing gadgets and gears available at Badoinkvr. These are namely Gear VR, Cardboard and Oculus.

Gear VR brings imagination to life with its quality immersion technology. It makes use of Snapdragon variants and can be used as screen and driving computer mounted inside the headset of this gear.

Cardboard is yet another miraculous tool from the tech-giant Google. It is basically a fold-out cardboard smartphone mount using lens, magnet and a hook-and-loop fastener. It delivers accessible virtual tools to allow viewers enjoy in an amusing, fun and easy way.

The third gear is the oculus offering a high resolution of 1080 X 1200 per eye with a refresh rate of 90 HZ. And what’s more? It offers a never seen before wide field view of the video.

As the era of new virtual porn technology arises, various websites are emerging to deliver the best to the users. But Badoinkvr stands out amongst all with its amazing offers, streaming hot video downloads and interactive user websites.

When it comes to downloading your favorite porn video, Badoinkvr offers plethora of options. Be it straight, homosexual, threesome, group sex, BDSM or amateur videos, you name it and you get it on the website.

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We are living in a tech-driven world, where our day starts with e-paper and ends with e-newsletters. In such a world, why porn watching experience should not be optimized and enhanced? Badoinkvr certainly stands up to this question and delivers exactly what we have dreamt about our favorite porn. While making our passionate dreams reality, it is fulfilling our fantasies of a pleasing and satisfactory experience.