Buy Fleshlight Launch – or not? A Review

Should you order your Fleshlight Launch? If you have ever used an automatic masturbator, you already know the kind of happiness these machines can bring. Not only do they satisfy the thirst for sex, but they also allow you to be more imaginative, creative and have a fantastic orgasm while your body is constantly caressed at the ideal speed.

Like you, I also think that the French language has no words to explain the kind of sexual satisfaction that an automatic masturbator can bring. Sometimes it’s so incredible, I’m not afraid to say it’s better than “normal” sex. Here, no judgments, no responsibilities, no return of favours, no expectations, nothing but selfish, but fantastic orgasms. The sextoy market was going at its usual pace, doing pretty basic things, when all of a sudden, a genius from Kiiroo decided to join forces with a genius from Fleshlight, to make the world of solitary pleasure a little more interesting.

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Actually, “a little more” is an euphemism

What they have created and given to men is pure madness. If you still don’t know what product I’m talking about, then you’re probably new to the world of men’s sextoys. Anyway, this extraordinary device is called the Fleshlight Launch and before you judge its name, let me assure you that once you know more about it, you will know that the name is more than appropriate and that it is urgent that you offer it to yourself as a gift.


  • What is Fleshlight Launch?
  • Virtual reality sex: is it really possible?
  • What is the Fleshlight Launch worth?
  • How much does it cost?
  • Conclusion: Is Fleshlight and Kiiroo’s Launch worth it?
Buy Fleshlight Launch – or not? A Review
What is better than Fleshlight with VR porn? The Fleshlight Launch! It strokes your fleshlight for you, to make it an even more intense feeling.
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What is better than Fleshlight with VR porn? The Fleshlight Launch! It strokes your fleshlight for you, to make it an even more intense feeling.

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What is Fleshlight Launch?

Fleshlight Launch is not a sextoy. Sextoys are simple and basic, this machine here is a fully functional weapon of war and designed to make you rediscover the pleasure of being a man. It connects you sexually to the virtual world and allows you to have sex with the women you’ve always dreamed of.

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Let me simplify this for you:

The Fleshlight Launch provided by Kiiroo is a male masturbator that can be connected to your VR helmet via Bluetooth. Once set, you can launch specially created VR movies so that you can interact directly with the actress with your penis. Every movement in the film is reproduced by the Fleshlight Launch mechanism, so you can feel the intensity of the ratio in real time.


Materials: ABS PC, PU and silicone
Dimensions: 320 x 167 x 157 mm
Weight: ± 1.5 kg without Fleshlight and ± 2 kg with Fleshlight
Power supply: Internal battery rechargeable by USB
Charging time: 6 to 9 hours
Autonomy of use: 2 hours
Color: Black and silver
Compatibility: Fleshlight Launch is compatible with all standard size Fleshlight masturbators. Not compatible with Fleshlight Turbo, Ice, Flight, Flight, Go and QuickShot masturbators.

Virtual reality sex: is it really possible?

At first, I doubted it. Although this machine looks like Terminator, I let myself be tempted and ordered it to try it myself. Very quickly, my doubt disappeared. This product exists for real and works EXACTLY as the site claims. I had a little old-fashioned VR helmet and I didn’t think it would partner with my new Fleshlight masturbator, but to my surprise, it worked. Once the helmet is paired, the next thing to do is to get rid of your pants, take off your underwear, turn on the masturbator and wait for the movie to start. I launched the first movie I found and after only 10 seconds of wearing the VR helmet on my eyes and masturbator on my penis, I was convinced that I had invested my money in the right product.

The experience of using a VR helmet while having fun with a modern masturbator was wonderful and unique. It excited me so much that I bought a new VR helmet right after I finished cleaning.

What is the Fleshlight Launch worth?

The best part of this masturbator is its intelligent mechanism. It is responsive, fun and easy to use. It has two buttons that you can use to change everything. On one side of the masturbator, you have the speed control knob that determines the frequency of the movement While on the other side, you have the stroke control button that determines the length of each stroke. The combination of these two controls allows you to decide the scope and speed of automatic masturbation. The big plus is that, once set, you no longer need to play with the settings until you are finished.

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You can literally allow the device to regulate speed at its own pace to make you enjoy yourself. In addition, since this machine operates independently and requires no supervision, you can enjoy it in hands-free mode. Now, compared to an ordinary masturbator, Launch is a revolutionary product. First, you don’t need to hold your penis or hold a device that holds your penis or even monitor your masturbator to make sure everything is fine. Everything can be done without hands and eyes.

Then, the 2D image on your TV or computer screen is replaced by the detailed and more realistic 3D of a VR helmet, if you have one. These two things are the main reasons why I recommend everyone to get this masturbator while it is still in stock.

How much does it cost?

Considering the power, technology and fantasies it satisfies, this device has a rather low price. When I first saw the video and asked about the site, I thought it would cost about 500€. But then I pressed the “Buy Now” button and was surprised to find that this product is more like 200€. At this price, this masturbator is a gift.

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Conclusion: Is Fleshlight and Kiiroo’s Launch worth it?

In a word, yes. Why? I have used it personally and I am deeply amazed by the experience of the Fleshlight and Kiroo Launch. The quality of construction is incredible, the features are relevant and the product is easy to handle. In addition to all this, this automated and virtual reality compatible male masturbator is an uncommon technology for people with a keen sense of sexuality. It allows you to have fun in a way you’ve never imagined before. The Fleshlight Launch connects you to the virtual world where you are the king, and where all beautiful girls want to see you satisfied. At less than 200€, this device is a must and I recommend it without hesitation.

Fleshlight Launch

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