Google Daydream VR Sex Toys

Google Daydream is the next generation most advanced VR headset of the most popular Google Cardboard. We all know the flexibility and simple nature of Cardboard and if you are a huge fan of that, then you will love the launch of Google Daydream. Google is launching this advanced and affordable VR headset mainly for its brand new Android smartphone Pixel and Pixel XL. Using these advanced smartphones, you can transform an ordinary Daydream VR to one of the best VR headsets for sure. Daydream has moved from the conventional plastic design and you get soft material design in Daydream. This makes it the most easily wearable and skin friendly VR headsets.

Daydream sex toys compatibility

Teledildonics will assist you in enhancing your VR porn experience and you can easily connect these toys using Bluetooth on your smartphone and use it on Daydream VR. Gamelink VR and Badoink VR porn studios are the first to officially launch VR porn movies supporting Daydream.

Popular sex toys you can integrate with Daydream for having a more immersive VR porn adventure are Autoblow 2, Kiiroo Onyx, Kiiroo Pearl, Lovense Max, Lovense Nora, Vstroker and many top of the line sex toys from Robotic Blowjob. Autoblow 2 caters to all those who love blowjobs and this gives unlimited everlasting blowjobs.

Imagine your cock being sucked by some of the best porn stars. If you are looking for the best male masturbator toys then go ahead and buy eJaculator or Lovense Max or Vstroker or Kiiroo Onyx. Girls! You can use Lovense Nora and Kiiroo Pearl for the super high class vibrating sensation that they deliver. Specialized sex toys for transsexual, gay and lesbians are also available but the ones we discussed here are the best and these are guaranteed to give you ultimate pleasure.

Daydream VR View

Using Daydream, Google is bringing a fight to the more established Samsung Gear VR and with the price being set at $79 it is straightforward to understand what Google is targeting. Daydream does live up to its expectations in many ways. If you have experienced Google Cardboard then you will find Daydream, several notches above it in terms of quality and immersive VR experience for sure. Using Google Pixel and Pixel XL, you can watch mind blowing 3D 360˚ 4K UHD Stereoscopic binaural sound based VR porn movies. Almost all the top VR porn studios offer these movies and you can download and view them on Daydream VR headset. Here is a list of VR Porn Sites compatible with the Google Daydream Headset.

Google Daydream is one of the new entrants to VR porn market and most of the established and new VR porn studios have taken it seriously and you get to enjoy many VR porn movies on Daydream. Although there are not much compatible VR porn like we get for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, the collections are quite amazing. You can use other Android smartphones as well to watch VR porn in Daydream. By pairing it with sex toys, you can take up porn entertainment to a completely new level.

Google Daydream VR – Pros

  • Comfortable soft material design
  • Elegant
  • Affordable
  • Simple setup

Google Daydream VR – Cons

  • Little VR porn library for Daydream
  • Daydream app and VR player need improvements
  • Compatibility issues


Google Daydream VR is the future of VR porn entertainment and with more VR porn movies lined up for being compatible with this headset we can make the best use of it. Daydream VR player is lacking in certain aspects but still at the moment Daydream VR headset is best buy for VR porn.