Buy Lovense Domi – or not? A Review

Lovense has just released a brand new product, this time for women, called Domi. Domi is a super powerful mini vibrator, of the “magic wand” type that can easily stimulate your erogenous zones to provide you with intense and unlimited orgasms.

Female orgasm, through the ages, has always required considerable foreplay. Domi is an exemplary product that aims to drastically reduce the manual “work” required to reach the 7th heaven. We talk about it in this Lovense Domi test!

Buy Lovense Domi – or not? A Review
This toy is very smooth and well-built. The vibration settings are fully adjustable. It also has a light ring for long distance users.
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Very powerful small wand

This toy is very smooth and well-built. The vibration settings are fully adjustable. It also has a light ring for long distance users.

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Features of Lovense Domi

Although the Domi is only 23.4 centimetres long, it is smoother and more practical than most toys of the same kind on the market:

  • It has a conical handle that allows you to grasp it easily and firmly
  • The head of this adorable masturbator is bulbous and made of silicone while the rest of the body is made of ABS plastic
  • The head is supported by a reinforced neck that allows you to apply the perfect amount of pressure to your clitoris (or inside the vagina) without the slightest worry

Under the head, you will find a kind of ring of LEDs that flashes in rhythm. The speed of the flashing depends on the speed of the Domi. A full charge via USB provides an autonomy of nearly 90 minutes, which is more than enough to cause countless sensational orgasms. The overall look of the Lovense Domi is quite similar to that of a microphone, which is why it looks like anything but a sextoy. This helps to keep a little discretion, especially if there are a lot of people in your home who are not okay with lonely pleasures.

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How does it work?

A charging port is located at the base of the Domi. The end of the USB charging cable enters this port while the other end plugs into a USB port. The device can be used for solo or long distance use via the dedicated Lovense application. Lovense tried to incorporate an original idea into the Domi, in the form of the luminous ring. While the idea may sound good, the effect can be detrimental to your overall experience.

Unless you’re a cam girl. Here’s why. First of all, the lights on the ring can only be turned off via the application, which is a little embarrassing. I don’t know why Lovense didn’t think to include a simple button to turn off this option.

On top of that, the lights are too bright, which many people will find unpleasant. Otherwise, the control buttons are too reactive, since they change even when you don’t want them to.

What about the vibrations?

Now, let’s talk about pleasure and performance. Domi has 3 levels of vibration. At the first level, the vibrations are quite timid and rarely able to take you to orgasm. But this changes from the second level, where you can enjoy after only a few minutes of play. If you combine the vibrations with the Domi’s gentle but vigorous head, you have the ultimate weapon that will make you shiver with pleasure all over your body. Well done, Lovense!

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The third level is quite intense and reserved for the most demanding. However, I can assure you that most women will be completely satisfied with the vibration of the second level. The unique double rotating head technology is responsible for these strong vibrations, despite the small size of the product.

In addition, you can easily pair the Domi with the Lovense Remote application on your smartphone. First of all, you need to activate your Bluetooth, then simply click on “+” in the toys section in the application. Lovense also allows you to connect from Mac or Windows and if necessary, you will find on the site an additional Bluetooth adapter to order, if your PC does not already have this option.

It only costs $5 if you buy it with a toy. If you buy it separately, it costs about $12 USD, which is a little expensive. Also, it should be noted that the Bluetooth adapter can manage up to 5 simultaneous connections.

Advantages of Lovense Domi

  • The product is elegant. It is large enough to do the job. Not too big or too small.
  • It has a discreet look at first sight and is very portable due to its size.
  • The vibrations are relatively intense
  • The reinforced neck makes it easier to apply pressure to sensitive areas (clitoris)
  • Recharging is done via USB, for battery-free operation for nearly 90 minutes
  • Can be used for couples in remote relationships via the Lovense Remote application
  • Domi does not overheat like some of the other sextoys available on the market
  • There are 10 predefined templates for vibration and you can create an unlimited number of templates

Disadvantages of Lovense Domi

There are some disadvantages to the Domi that could easily have been avoided by Lovense:

  • Turn off the lights: Although the lights may seem a little fanciful, they are too powerful. Seriously, who is able to reach orgasm (especially in the dark) when these lights attack your eyes? The biggest disappointment is that there is no button to easily turn off the lights, you have to go through the application. I don’t know why Lovense decided that, but there should have been a button on the product.
  • Control buttons: Don’t get me wrong. The vibrations are really good for reaching orgasm. But there should have been a button to turn rather than press to change the vibration levels with more subtlety and precision.
  • The jack plug is not 100% waterproof: What is the purpose of making it splashproof when the port for the USB cable is bare? This makes it impossible to use this appliance in the bathroom when immersed in water and it is strongly recommended n

    ot to use it in wet conditions. A simple plastic plug to cover the charging port would have provided this sealing.

The final verdict

Despite its major flaws such as its luminous ring or its total lack of waterproofness, Domi is able to produce hallucinating orgasms that will rock your entire nervous system. The vibrations are damn good, to the point of making you forget the defects of this product. If your man is not able to satisfy you enough every day of the year, then Domi is for you. It is lightweight, compact and can be used without any batteries for a sufficient period of time. Fortunately, Lovense will fix all the flaws of this model in a future update, which will further increase its appeal.

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