Buy Lovense Edge – or not? A Review

Men who complain that sextoy manufacturers do not pay enough attention to men’s needs can now take a break and relax. I love and recommend Lovense for a reason. Or rather, 2 major reasons. First, they are highly creative and innovative and, second, they meet the real needs and desires of today’s men and women. Their latest product on the market is dedicated to men who like to feel tickling in their prostate as it is a connected anal sextoy and can therefore be remotely controlled by you or anyone else. This new pleasure object is called the Lovense Edge.

Buy Lovense Edge – or not? A Review
This toy will hit your spot, guaranteed! It can be controlled via App, which gives you plenty of possibilities.
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Worlds first adjustable prostate massager

This toy will hit your spot, guaranteed! It can be controlled via App, which gives you plenty of possibilities.

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Easy to handle
Intelligent design
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What is the Lovense Edge?

Edge is one of the few male sextoys who are not only useful and offer what they promise, but also very innovative and sexy.

At first glance, it looks like any other prostate simulator, but once you get to know it better and experience it, you will understand why it must be respected and handled with love. I may look too enthusiastic, but don’t judge me for my level of excitement, because I still have to share with you my experience with the Lovense Edge.

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Edge is a next-generation prostate massager with an incredibly powerful engine and an avant-garde design that delivers a truly immersive experience. Edge can be controlled via a mobile application on your smartphone, Mac or PC, which makes your session even more exciting. The most amazing thing about the Lovense Edge is that it can be remotely controlled via the application via the Internet from anywhere in the world. What does that mean? Let me explain it to you!

How does it work?

As mentioned above, Edge can be controlled with a device connected to the Internet. The sextoy has a Bluetooth module that can be easily associated with a smartphone for example. Then, the smartphone (iOS or Android) launches the Lovense application that can be used to send vibrations to stimulate the masseur and provide an excessive amount of pleasure.

For remote relationships, one can control the other’s toy by enabling Internet control after connecting two devices. Thus, your girlfriend’s mobile phone interacts with your mobile phone, which in turn controls the masseur inside you through Bluetooth connectivity, as mentioned above.

This means that any vibration pattern your girlfriend creates on her mobile phone is reproduced and sent to the masseur via your smartphone, instantly. The interesting part comes when your girlfriend decides to have fun while you are in a public place. Imagine wearing the Edge at the office and while you’re in the middle of a meeting, your girlfriend suddenly sends a strong vibration into your ass to remind you how much she loves you and misses you. Sexy, isn’t it?!

Such an option allows hundreds and hundreds of hot situations for you and your girlfriend. However, this does not mean that you cannot use it alone at home. You can send signals to your prostate massager if your partner is not present or if she doesn’t understand why you need such powerful vibrations, or when she is asleep and you want to satisfy your manhood.

What makes it more fun to use is the ability to create an infinite number of vibration models. All you have to do is play with the app for a while or choose a song and you will realize how well this little beast is designed.

Is that all right?

I’ll be honest enough. Before I started using this product, I went to their website and user guide to make sure I knew what would happen to me. They mentioned all kinds of different things related more or less to science fiction and even though I was reluctant at first, I still went ahead and used everything sextoy gave me. Result? The design of the Edge is very comfortable. It is designed to smoothly enter the interior and stay in place while waiting to receive the orders.

Visit the product page of Lovense Edge

Once inside, you will feel it positioned in the best place for your greatest pleasure. This is due to the adjustable and flexible head that aims to press on the right parts. In addition, the fit and adhesion of the product is pleasant and Edge does not fall or move a centimetre during use. Two hours of battery life and hands-free operation guarantee you high quality stimulation and the best possible prostate experience.

Speaking of vibrations, there are three levels which are Low, Medium and High:

  • Low is perfect for people who are new to prostate massagers
  • Medium is perfect for most men
  • High is for men with steel testicles who really like to feel a real fireworks display in their orifice.

The Lovense website says that Edge has more powerful (and quieter) engines than other masseurs in the same category and you can feel that Edge has much more potential and charisma than its competitors.


So why should you buy this prostate massager made in Lovense?

  • It is waterproof, which means it can handle a lot of body fluid
  • High intensity vibrations, perfect for the strongest desires
  • Unlimited models and synchronization with your playlist, making it a unique experience every time
  • Can be remotely controlled by your partner via the Internet
  • Made from 100% body-friendly components
  • Up to 2 hours of battery life, one of the longest in its class
  • Rechargeable via USB cable
  • Adjustable and flexible head for personalized comfort
  • Don’t move once inside


Why you shouldn’t buy it:

If you are a beginner in prostate pleasure and do not need high intensity vibrations, you can probably try more basic prostate massagers to get started. If you are afraid that your partner will be too sadistic by giving you unsustainable pleasure at a distance and in public (if it is something that excites you, consider it a good reason to buy the Edge now).


If you are not new to the world of prostate massagers, I highly recommend the purchase of Lovense Edge. In fact, I see no reason why you shouldn’t invest in that. It is a fun, powerful and intelligent product. In short, everything we love.

Visit the product page of Lovense Edge
Lovense Edge

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