Buy Lovense Lush 2 – or not? A Review

The vast majority of people think that long-distance relationships are very hard. And that’s not untrue. Being in a distant relationship is just horrible. Fortunately, over the past several decades, innovation has progressed considerably, making the separation between two people a little less demanding.

However, the lack of intimacy and sex life remains a constant disappointment for lovers. Actually, I’m in a distant relationship myself. Therefore, I pay particular attention to new innovations on the market, those that make life easier for couples like mine. Generally, what I’m looking for is something that will spice up a couple’s sex life at a distance in order to improve our physical connection despite the distance.

Indeed, sextoys are now part of our lives. More than a madness, it becomes a necessity. Sextoys are so common these days that they have become everyday products found in every home. But nowadays, people demand the best for their intimate pleasures, especially in terms of comfort and power. They demand the best and, fortunately, that’s because today I introduce you to the Lovense Lush, one of the best sextoys connected in the markets and we analyze it together. Let’s do it! Let’s do it!

Buy Lovense Lush 2 – or not? A Review
This vibrator allows you to have fun inside and outside the bedroom, great for long distance relationships. You can use it anytime and anywhere!
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Bluetooth vibrator

This vibrator allows you to have fun inside and outside the bedroom, great for long distance relationships. You can use it anytime and anywhere!

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Lush presentation: a sextoy that can be controlled with your smartphone

If you have never heard of Lovense Lush, then you may be in for a shock. This Sex Tech jewel will open your eyes to the best of the modern sextoy industry! And for good reason, it has made a name for itself in a very short period of time thanks to the advanced technology it contains.

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The Lovense Lush is an extraordinary gadget that encourages intimacy in long-distance relationships. On my gift list for a very long time: find a sextoy that can be used by your partner, no matter how far apart you are. Until 2015, technology was not really available in this area. Then my husband finally sent me the Lovense Lush.

It is a “vibrating egg” style vibrator, connected in Bluetooth and designed for solo play, discreet public play and remote play. The information I had seen about it was that it delivered thundering vibrations, that it was rechargeable via USB, that it had an unlimited number of vibration models and that it was waterproof. Not bad at all.


  • Materials: ABS and medical grade silicone, hypoallergenic and soft
  • Power supply: Internal battery rechargeable by USB (cable supplied)
  • Autonomy of use: 1.5 to 2 hours
  • Charging time: 90 minutes
  • Total length: 18 cm
  • Insertable length: 8 cm
  • Insertable diameter: 3.5 cm
  • Color: Pink
  • Compatibility: Device with Bluetooth 4.0 technology, iOS or Android 4.3 (or later)

Features of the Lovense Lush

The connected sextoy takes the form of a vibrating egg that will press against the G spot. At the other end, a long antenna (dedicated to Bluetooth reception) leans upwards to sit against the clitoris. After many tests in many situations, my opinion is that the most notable strengths of this sextoy are that it is totally silent, completely waterproof and made with 100% pure silicone.

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Moreover, since the sextoy is inside you when you wear it (except for the antenna), you can wear it under tight clothes in public without being afraid that someone will see it! As it seemed too good to be true, you can understand why I was so eager to try it…

Unpacking the Lovense Lush

The Lush is delivered discreetly in a cardboard box. The box contains the connected vibrating egg, but you will also discover the USB charging cable and the user manual. The shape is perfect for internal use and Lush is only available in one colour, pink.

Unfortunately, to my surprise, the Lush does not come with a storage bag. Storage bags are something practical and I think all sextoys should have so you can hide your little secrets…. Never mind! Otherwise, you can simply store it in its box, if you need a place to keep it.

How does it feel with Lovense Lush?

Because of its design, it should be known from the outset that it is certainly not a sextoy that will lead you to the seventh heaven, if you need clitoral stimulation, unless you use Lush for that purpose. In addition, it should be noted that Lush is too large to be worn during sexual intercourse with your partner. But for solo or public play, it’s perfect! I could easily wear it for long periods of time without fear of it slipping or being seen under my clothes. And that’s where the magic happens! Combined with the application, Lush does wonders that you won’t soon forget. As you will see, it is very well designed to play in public or remotely with your partner. Indeed, Lovense has created a high quality sextoy and the benefits are numerous for your personal and couple sex life.

The disadvantages of Lush

  1. There are inevitably negative points, but I realise that they are most certainly inevitable at this stage. To begin with, if you are not using the application, the on/off switch is on the main part of the sextoy. This is how you can also modify the vibrations of the device.
  2. The problem is that sometimes if you lose the connection with the application or want to change the vibration model manually, you have to remove the Lush, restart it or change the model, and then reinsert it later. It’s a little tedious, although it’s quite rare. Secondly, the charging port is also on the main part of the Lush, so it could easily be blocked by your liquid. There is a silicone cover on top, however, I know there are a few people who have had this problem.
  3. Third, if you ever give your lover total control, the interface of the Lovense application is not really intuitive the first time. It took my accomplice a while to understand how to use the controls that would allow the vibrating egg to operate remotely. Once the matching and learning was done, the controls were easy to handle and we were ready. All in all, the time it took to find our brands in all this was not long, so it is a relatively minor negative point.

The advantages of Lush

I must say that this sextoy has many positive points, including some of the following.

  1. First of all, I never liked the vibration models for sextoys. But once alone, in “hands-free” mode with the application in my hand, I did what any normal individual would do and started playing with every option I could find. Sweet Lord. The app records how your finger moves on the screen and changes the intensity level according to the level. And the least I can say is that this vibrator is fantastic.
  2. Secondly, after being impressed by the above, I tried the other key features of the product starting with music synchronization. Here, the application returns your music library and vibrates in rhythm with the melody you choose. Great! Great!
  3. Third, you can decide to activate the sound control. This means that by using your voice, you can change the intensity level of the Lush!

In short, you can activate the manual vibration by sliding your finger, choosing a model, activating by sound or synchronizing with your music. Not to mention remote control! The fact that no matter which option you choose, it’s still as delicious and simple as ever to have fun with Lush!


Whether you want to play solo, in public or for a naughty date on Skype with your partner, Lush is a success that will bring a lot of fun and good times to your daily life. It is a highly addictive sextoy, pleasant and perfect for women because of its unique characteristics. The public and private uses are incredible and since it can be controlled from anywhere, it is even more versatile and exciting. Also, the absence of chemicals or harmful materials in the design ensures safe use. Unlimited vibration models also make it unique and remote control via the Internet is a feature that is rarely seen for such a low price. Now, what more do you need to order one of the best women’s sextoys of the moment? The Lovense Lush has won the hearts of women because of its advanced and unmatched characteristics and whether you like it or not, it is here to stay. To be tried urgently!

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Lovense Lush 2

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