Buy Lovense Osci – or not? A Review

Osci is the first vibrator designed to stimulate the G-spot that oscillates in the world. And once again, it’s an innovative product made in Lovense. Indeed, Lovense is one of the most advanced sextoy manufacturers on the market and with this new product, they are once again demonstrating why.

Buy Lovense Osci – or not? A Review
It is different from other toys on the market and works with patent-pending motor moves. This technique enables pinpoint stimulation of your G-spot.
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World's first oscillating G-spot toy

It is different from other toys on the market and works with patent-pending motor moves. This technique enables pinpoint stimulation of your G-spot.

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Simply put, it is the most innovative vibrator available today. And for good reason, it has a patent-pending oscillating mechanism that allows precise and effective stimulation of the G-spot. There are many products designed by Lovense that are technological jewels, such as Ambi, Domi, Edge or Lush. This time, I decided to test the Lovense Osci in detail for you.

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Features of Lovense Osci

I should start by saying that all Lovense products are packed and sent in basic and discreet brown boxes. This way, you don’t have to worry that your neighbours will understand what you just bought.Then, the first thing you notice when you unpack the Lovense Osci is how different it is from other vibrators on the market.

Lovense has made great efforts to bring us the best innovation of the moment. It looks unique and it is! When you look at the vibrator more closely, you want to use it, because its shape is intriguing. The one I ordered was pink (only available color) and even if I’m not a fan of pink, it’s an absolute beauty to look at.

The Osci looks like an elongated “S”, which makes it very easy to handle. At one end of the “S”, you will find the control buttons. You have a very good grip here, even while you are in the act. The other end has a small hollow in the centre of which there is a hump. It is the comings and goings of this hump that will brilliantly stimulate the G spot.

The commands offer various control options:

The first is the “slow” option, which honestly, is just divine. It’s soft, tender and the movements make your legs tremble.
The second option is “medium”. The oscillating mount vibrates a little faster than with the slow option. With this one, it gets you wet and you start to really moan. Now, I let you guess what the third option, the fastest and most powerful, has in store for you.

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Naturally, you will push the Osci harder as you feel like it. You will start moving your legs faster, try to change position and that’s when you should shift to the third gear. This makes the oscillator vibrate even faster and allows you to get closer to 7th heaven in a flash. You will probably start screaming with pleasure, as if you were satisfied by a sex expert. Nothing can stop you now. You are in your own world, forgetting where you are and who you are.

Is it good?

The S-shape helps you reach your G-spot faster and easier, and the vibrations along the Osci’s body stimulate more nerves for more pleasure. Your whole body feels joy. Actually, before you try it, it’s hard enough to guess how much fun a vibrator as small as the Osci can provide!

You will start using it regularly when you realize how much power this little beast has in it. The more you use it, the more you will like it! You can also stimulate other erogenous parts of your body with it. The particularity of Osci is that it oscillates and does not vibrate like other vibrators on the market. This pulsating oscillation movement is what makes it so endearing and “different”.

It strikes perfectly where and how it should. The oscillation adds a whole new dimension to the experience. And don’t forget that Lovense also allows you to connect your sextoy to a free application (smartphone, Mac or PC) via Bluetooth to increase its potential tenfold!

Using this application, you can control the speed of oscillations, store 10 different models of oscillations, and even give control to your partner, no matter where he/she is in the world. These options help you achieve the ultimate pleasure, wherever and whenever you want.

Advantages and disadvantages of Lovense Osci

  • Osci is a revolution. He managed to capture all our needs and wildest dreams.
  • Not to mention that it is made from materials that are healthy for the body. It is waterproof and your body fluids will not damage the vibrator.
  • As long as you wash it properly before and after each use (warm water + soap), there is no reason why it should not give you pleasure for years to come!
  • It has a USB charging port and once fully charged, it can operate for up to 75 minutes continuously. In short, it’s an extra long session if you’re particularly greedy…
  • Before I bought it, I had done some research about Lovense Osci.
  • Many beta testers had given a 100% satisfaction rating. At the time, I had some doubts about the components used in manufacturing.
  • But as I told you, above, it turns out that they coated the intelligent vibrator with a soft and healthy silicone texture. No danger to the body and very pleasant to the touch.
  • Many also mentioned that it was a revolution and for the moment, it turned out to be true in my opinion.
  • Lovense took great care in designing this beautiful vibrating vibrator and I am really glad that they understood what women really want.


And finally, the verdict. I give Osci a score of 9/10. It has a good texture, it is soft, it is ingenious and the pleasure is divine. Besides, he has a lot of good things about him. Already, the vibrator dries very quickly, which is good news, because you can hide it quickly. Another point I would like to mention is sound. It’s not too high to wake the person sleeping in the next room. No one will hear you.

Also, you can use it with your partner to add spice to your love life, remotely or in the same room. The use of the connected vibrator makes your relationship stronger. I can keep talking about Osci over and over again, but I think you have understood where I’m coming from now. It is a product not to be missed and really worth it.

You’ll have to explore a little bit to find out how best to use it, but you’ll see that that’s all your body has been asking for from the beginning. I know that the users who try it will become addicted to it and will want to test all Lovense products. In fact, they have not disappointed us so far and I know they will not disappoint us in the future either. This unique vibrator changes everything to the small and wonderful world of vibrators. It’s not just a sextoy, it’s a revolution.

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Lovense Osci

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