Naughy America VR Compatible Sex Toys

There are very few VR porn studios that reach out to a wider audience and Naught America VR is definitely one of the most popular, sensual and immersive VR porn destinations in the market. Naughty America VR is one of the early bloomers in the porn industry and they have years of experience behind them, which gives them an added advantage over other VR porn studios. Gorgeous professional porn stars, best VR porn productions, immersive VR porn experience, wide range of movies and all other attractive features in addition to the ability to use sex toys for more immersive and sensual VR porn experience will make you enjoy unlimited porn all day and night long.

Sex Toys Compatibility

Many leading sex toy manufacturers like Lovense, Kiiroo, Robotic Blowjob, Ejaculator and others have collaborated with many leading VR porn studios to reach out to VR porn customers to make them enjoy more immersive VR porn. Solo and couple usable sex toys are available and using these you can masturbate or even enjoy with your girlfriend or boyfriend living miles away from you. VR porn can be enjoyed wonderfully with the use of any of the sex toys available today. Let us have a look at the various sex toys which can be used to watch immersive Naught America VR porn movies.

onyxKiiroo Onyx – Onyx sleeve is a high end masturbation sex toy exclusively created for men. Onyx sleeve can be used to communicate with other devices, especially Pearl. The sleeves are enclosed and they move in accordance with the input data from the device or from other Onyx devices. Remember these sleeves are Fleshlight branded, which should explain why they are high end. Onyx male masturbator and free lube costs about $249.

pearlKiiroo Pearl – Pearl is a conventional vibrator and it is designed in a sleek fashion giving you the ability to use it wonderfully well. Pearl is a good companion of Onyx and we would suggest you to buy them both together. Vibrator works based on touch data transmission. Data can be received from other connected devices as well and that is the main differentiator of this particular vibrator. Pearl is priced at $149. Onyx and Pearl couple set with 2 free fleshlube will cost you $369.

vstrokerVstroker – If you are a huge fan of Fleshlight then this sex toy will be a perfect pair for you. All those who love to masturbate will be having a wild entertainment using this toy. Smooth and tight vagina feel will be provided by Fleshlight toy, which is exactly what all of us are looking to get.

Immersive and super realistic suction is delivered by Vstroker. Vstroker lets you take control of the porn star and you will be able to experience ultimate VR porn. It is priced at around $100, which is perfect and affordable.

maxLovense Max – Max is a male sex toy. It is shaped in the form of vagina and provides the perfect orgasm that you need. Soft skin like interior material gives you the pleasure and enjoyment. Max comes with a built in air pump which creates vibration perfect for sexual feel.

noraLovense Nora – Nora is the female sex toy from Lovense. This vibrator is all that a woman may need for having an immersive VR porn entertainment. It is comfortable, easy to use and will definitely give you great satisfaction. Max and Nora as a set are priced at $230.


autoblowAutoBlow 2 – Another exciting sex toy from the house of Robotic Blowjob is this attractive product. Auto Blow 2 is an exclusive Blowjob toy for men and is designed to fit all men and perform heavy duty. The motor inbuilt gives you more than 500 hours of blowjob sensation. Comes with 3 interchangeable sizes which fit all shapes and sizes of penises. Wash, interchange and reuse whenever you wish. You can buy this product for $179.95 and enjoy unlimited blowjob from hot porn stars.

Discussion on sex toys for watching Naughty America VR porn is never ending and here we have discussed about all the popular and some of the top compatible VR sex toys for watching all the VR porn movies listed by Naughty America VR.

As we all know that Naughty America is one of the leading porn movie service providers and hence the company has also started offering amazing virtual reality movies through its distribution channel. They have a huge collection of VR porn movies and all of them are available at a decent price.

Naught America VR porn quality

When you are going to use sex toys for watching VR porn movies, you need to make sure that quality standard is met. Only the best high quality VR porn movies will give you sensual pulsating porn enjoyment. Naught America VR porn studio has around 95 VR porn movies at the moment and all these videos are produced in 180˚ 3D Stereoscopic FOV with binaural sound quality. When you use your different sex toys when viewing the VR porn movies listed in Naught America VR porn studio, you will get the best in class VR porn experience and don’t miss this fun. If you don’t own a sex toy, it is time for you to buy one.

VR Porn movies from Naughty America

When you log on to their website, you can check different categories of porn such as:

  • MILF VR Sex
  • VR Porn with a Stranger
  • Student and a teacher VR Sex
  • VR Porn with Daughter’s friend
  • VR Sex with a Client
  • Bad Girl VR Sex
  • Friend’s Mom VR Sex
  • VR Porn in the Bedroom
  • VR Sex on a Chair
  • VR Sex on a Table
  • Naughty VR Porn on a Couch

Apart from these above said categories, there are several more categories that can be checked and you can get clear access to these categories by paying a nominal amount.


Currently, they are charging $1.95 for a 3 day trial subscription or $4.95 for a 7 day trial subscription and if you like their videos which you are definitely going to like then you can move and subscribe to their monthly membership at $24.95. The best part is that they offer an annual subscription package at a price of $7.95 per month which is billed in one payment of $95.40. Payment can be made through credit cards and secure payment gateways.

They have deployed the most popular porn stars from their company for virtual porn such as Audrey Bitoni, Nicole Aniston, Alecix Adams and much more.

Devices supported by Naughty America

You can easily watch VR porn from Naughty America on different devices. They have a huge list of supported devices displayed on their website. Currently, they support following devices:

  • Iphone, IPad and a lot more
  • Android based smart phones and tablets
  • Samsung Galaxy devices
  • The favorite part is that you can watch their VR porn movies on your gaming consoles such as PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. It really feels awesome when you hear that moaning sound and deep breaths on your headphone. It is like having a pure eternal bliss and sensual pleasure.
  • You can also watch VR porn offered by Naughty America on streaming players such as Roku 2, Roku LT, Roku 3 and Roku Stick.

They have a dedicated customer support department and if you face any issues with the movies or connectivity, get in touch with the support and they will make sure that your problem gets resolved as early as possible.