Playstation VR Sex Toys for PS VR Porn

Playstation VR is one of the most affordable VR headsets in the market at the moment. Quality wise it may not match Oculus Rift or Samsung Gear VR or HTC Vive but it certainly packs a punch considering the price at which it is offered. PSVR is a VR headset for the masses and we know that most of you would buy it simply for the pricing of it. There is no need for having any expensive PC equipments or gadgets to support PSVR, which is another key benefit. If you are a proud owner of Playstation 4 then you should already possess PSVR headset.

PSVR sex toys compatibility for PS VR Porn?

Almost all the sex toys you can find in the market are compatible with PSVR. Teledildonics is the future in VR porn industry and you can enjoy the best in class VR porn experience using these sex toys. Max and Nora from Lovense are the best sex toys available for men and women respectively. Max is the male masturbator and Nora is the vibrator and their contractions, rotations and vibrations are sensed real time with respect to the VR porn you are watching, giving you ultimate pleasure. Kiiroo Onyx and Pearl are also best for solo and couple VR porn enjoyment. Onyx is the masturbator and Pearl is vibrator and they are designed to track all your movements.

Autoblow 2 from Robotic Blowjob is a monster sex toy and for all those who love blowjob, this is it. It comes with three different sleeve sizes suitable for different cock sizes. Remember that, the motor in Autoblow 2 will give blowjob for hours. Make your porn star suck your cock hard and long. Moving on to the latest eJaculator which gets you even closer to the action and this is the latest and advanced stroker ever. You get to control your porn star and if you are looking for stroking device then you can also check out Vstroker. Buy any of these top sex toys, connect them via Bluetooth and enjoy VR porn on PSVR headset. You can find the PSVR Porn Movies here.

Playstation VR specifics

Playstation VR comes with a 5.7 inch OLED that delivers best VR porn picture quality well above its price point. Resolution of these lenses is about 960X1080 per eye, which is considerably low compared to other premium VR headsets. Field of view is 100˚ and all the gizmos like microphone, gyroscopes etc. come integrated with the headset. You can easily setup PSVR headset and enjoy watching your favorite VR porn movies.

Some of the leading VR porn studios support PSVR and you can download your favorite VR porn movies from any of these studios for viewing with PSVR. All VR porn studios do not support PSVR headset which is a bad thing considering the mass appeal that PSVR has but we can expect this to change. Best VR porn movies for PSVR are available at Virtual Real Porn, Badoink VR, Wankz VR, Czech VR etc. Good news for all those who are familiar with PSVR is that now, you can watch 360˚ VR porn movies offered by Pornhub on your Playstation VR headset. Hey Guys! Look at the headset! Hands down! It is gorgeous. You can integrate different sex toys with the PSVR and just enhance your VR porn experience.

PSVR – Pros

  • Considerably cheap
  • Simple setup
  • Easy and comfortable to wear

PSVR – Cons

  • Quality needs enhancement
  • VR porn movie compatibility needs working
  • Playstation camera is not up to the mark
  • Not enough USB ports for controllers


PSVR might be cheap but there is no compromise on the quality and immersive VR porn performance that you enjoy. This is one of the most comfortable and sexy looking VR headsets right now. Dedicated power supply and the lack of multiple USB ports are some of the major drawbacks of PSVR.