Samsung Gear VR Sex Toys

Those days are vanishing quite fast where most of the porn lovers are seen using their laptops, tablets and smart phones for watching their favorite porn clips. With the advancement in the technology, there is something new which is attracting people from all over the world. It is called as virtual reality porn and the best thing about VR porn is that it feels almost real when you watch movies through those virtual glasses.

The consumption of adult content is increasing with each passing day but people are looking for new ways to enjoy their favorite hardcore porn clips.  VR porn movies is one such amazing medium that can help you get clear access to loads of virtual reality porn clips.

What is so special about virtual reality porn?black gear-vr

  • The foremost specialty about virtual reality technology is that it is more enjoyable, more realistic and more immersive. The virtual reality concept was started by Google and the South Korean electronics giant Samsung also came up with amazing virtual reality devices. The first VR headset was introduced by Samsung in direct coordination with Oculus VR. Those amazing smart phone dependent pair of virtual reality goggles can let your enjoy VR porn movies with an incredible clarity.

  • Currently, the Samsung smart phone devices which are supports Gear VR are Galaxy Note 4, S6 and S6 Edge and the company is working towards making more devices compatible with this amazing technology.
  • To watch VR Porn Videos you need to install the MilkVR software. Strangely enough its only available in certain countries like the US – but not in european countries for example. To circumvent this, you need to install a VPN on your Galaxy Note / S and connect for example to the US, then fire up Oculus Home and install MilkVR. To make it easy, you can get a free Trial VPN from sites like VPNTrial so you dont need to pay $10 for a VPN you just wanna use for one MilkVR download. Once the software is installed, you dont need the VPN anymore, updates work without geoblocking.

The best thing about Gear VR is that it is considered as one of the perfect devices for watching and experiencing virtual reality porn. It has a unique ability to turn a smart phone into HD Mega screen so that realistic porn viewing experience can be enjoyed on a smart phone. Currently, the technology is brand new and there are very few VR Porn movie producers. But with the increasing demand and curiosity, more and more companies are coming forward for creating virtual reality based porn movies.

There is no denying with this fact that virtual reality porn has the capability to wipe out the present day computer or TV based porn movies. But it will take some time because when masses get an access to a new technology the rates will get low and consumption also increases.