Buy Vibease – or not? A Review

Almost every one of us has had one before and knows its advantages and disadvantages: The long-distance relationship. What is definitely on the list of disadvantages, however, is that you can’t rave so often with your beloved in the sheets. The manufacturers of the “Vibease” prove a heart for all lovers in long-distance relationships. The small Sextoy can be steered over a Handy App. Although in principle the ladies of creation have more fun with the invention, it is also certainly appealing to men with a certain affinity for mobile phones.

Well, curious how it works?

The little pink friend is connected to an app that allows you and your partner to use various functions: You can send slippery messages to each other, video chat and have a lot of fun. Because with the app, as soon as you send him a Touch Request, your sweetheart can control the vibrator. He can, for example, play something with it and only send small vibrations caused by short touches of his screen or control a more permanent fun with the interactive touchpad. This allows it to influence both intensity and speed. It doesn’t matter how many kilometres separate you – he still has your highlight in his hand.

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But the little pink is also something for single music lovers and bookworms. Because the Sextoy can also be synchronized with playlists. So your favorite beats can provide for even more heart palpitations. If you prefer to relax with audio books à la “50 Shades of Grey”, you can also have a few dirty short stories read to you with the right vibrations. Hrrr.

Buy Vibease – or not? A Review
You're in a long-distance relationship? Then this Sextoy is exactly the right thing for you!
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App Controlled Vibrator

You're in a long-distance relationship? Then this Sextoy is exactly the right thing for you!

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Vibease reacts to text passages in erotic audio books

The “world’s first smart vibrator” goes back to the Asian startup Vibease, which financed its toy of the same name a few years ago via a crowdfunding platform. “The Vibease was primarily developed for couples in long-distance relationships,” the co-founder Hermione Way is quoted as saying. Here, too, the vibrator is connected via Bluetooth to Android and iOS smartphones – only that various erotic apps are used, for example to control the vibration speed, for remote control by the partner or even to share personal vibration settings in the Vibease community. During stimulation, different background noises or your own favourite music can be played.

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The absolute highlight is the synchronisation with erotic audio books: Several hundred titles are available that allow the vibrator to “react” appropriately to the corresponding text passages. If, for example, the story says “I’m touching you softly”, the vibease vibrates discreetly – but more strongly with “I’m touching you roughly”.

Vibease App-Controlled Vibrator

A small discrete vibrator controlled by an app on your smartphone – or someone else’s. Lust over thousands of kilometers! The app runs on iPhone and Android phones. Unfortunately we do not have this product in our assortment anymore.

This might be the best thing that has ever happened to your long-distance relationship! Your partner will be able to give you sexual satisfaction even if he’s more than an arm’s length away – not even the Atlantic will ever stand between you again! With the help of the app your partner controls your vibease and you can relax and enjoy.

Of course you can also enjoy your Vibease on your own! You can adjust the vibration pattern individually. Or you can choose an erotic story in the Vibease Fantasy app, which you can synchronize with the vibrations. Dusty audio books were yesterday. This gives the word thrill a whole new meaning!

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Vibease, by the way, is extremely discreet, i.e. the quietest vibrator on the market. And because it’s so small and discreet, you can use it whenever you feel like it. Your little dirty secret is in good hands with him.

Vibease – iPhone Version Vibrator

The Vibease heralds a new era of pleasure! It vibrates and disappears into your panties, vibrating discreetly according to the music or the tempo you choose for it on your iPhone! Ready for something else? Vibease is a new, discreet vibrator that you can control with your IPhone App to enjoy pleasure anytime, anywhere. Put the vibrator simply unnoticed in your panties and experience hidden stimulations of the special kind. The small pleasure donor lies down on your clitoris and your outer pleasure zones and provides non-stop pleasure!

And it’s that simple:

  1. connect the Vibease via Bluetooth to your IPhone
  2. select the music or stimulation function that you like best
  3. put on your headphones and the fun can begin!

But the Vibease is not only something for solo playing, it can also be used in pairs. No matter where your loved one is at the moment, he too can control the Vibease via his iPhone and surprise you with a joyful greeting. This creates more intimacy, even if you can’t be together.

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The joy donor is made of velvety-soft silicone and is therefore particularly supple and soft. Its ergonomic shape is optimal to caress your pleasure zones. Once placed in your briefs, it offers optimal wearing comfort and your fingers won’t get tired. The tip was specially developed so that every woman can enjoy precise clitoral stimulation. Also under the shower the vibrator offers you wet-happy experiences, because it is all around waterproof.

Product details

  • Vibrator with App function for the IPhone
  • Can be operated from any IPhone via an app
  • Freehand operation, can be placed in the slip
  • Vibrates to music and special vibration modes
  • Special, ergonomic shape
  • Made of silicone
  • Discrete stimulation
  • 100% waterproof
  • Bluetooth range up to 3m
  • Rechargeable via USB (Includes USB charging cable)
  • Length: 7,9 cm and Ø 3,7 cm

Remote Control Vibrator

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