VirtualRealGay Compatible Sex Toys

Virtual Real Gay is a specialized VR porn studio of Virtual Real Porn and this studio focuses only on gay VR sex movies. Gay community living in various countries love this site a lot purely for the niche segment that it focuses and also for the high quality gay VR porn movies offered by it. 3D HD binaural sound quality based 180˚ super high quality gay VR porn can be enjoyed now using different sex toys.

Virtualrealgay Sex ToysAll these sex toys come with Bluetooth pairing capability and with this you can simply connect your toy with your VR headset and enjoy unlimited gay VR porn movies. All your wild and wet imaginations are going to come true with the use of these sex toys.

Now let us look at the sex toys compatible for viewing gay VR sex movies of Virtual Real Gay studio.

Robotic Blowjob’s Autoblow 2

autoblowAutoBlow 2 – Robotic Blowjob is a well known sex toy manufacturer and most of you might be familiar with the various different toys they offer. One of the latest and advanced sex toys yet from the brand is Autoblow 2. If you are looking to get unlimited long lasting blowjob then this is the toy you should have.

Using Autoblow 2 you can make your favorite porn star to blow your cock in the way you like it the most. You can communicate with your favorite gay porn star to suck your dick harder or slower by sensing the motion of Autoblow 2. Autoblow 2 senses the movement of the porn star and translates the performance real-time. This gives you real time fun and entertainment.

Kiiroo Onyx

onyxKiiroo Onyx is a male masturbator and it is developed by Kiiroo and Virtual Real Porn studio. Touch data transmission is what makes this masturbator one of the best.

Contractions and body to body touch are sensed and real time information from the Gay VR porn movie you are watching translates on to your Onyx and you will get the sensation according to that. Every little gay sex moves will be captured and you can relate to it in real time. Get up close and enjoy intimate sex with your gay porn star right away.


maxLovense and Virtual Real Porn studio have very good relations and they have manufactured these sex toys in collaboration, which should give you an idea on the performance that these toys deliver. Max and Nora are the two sex toys offered by Lovense and when we talk about sex toys, these toys are at the top of the pile.

Max is the best male masturbator available for VR porn lovers. Gay VR porn library listed by Virtual Real Gay can be enjoyed using Max. Max will correlate with the gay VR porn you are watching and the feel you get will be based on that, making gay VR sex more realistic.


vstrokerVstroker is another masturbator and is in par with others we have discussed above. Just insert your cock in Vstroker and let your gay porn star do whatever you want.

Gay VR porn can be enjoyed real time and you can make him do anything simply by communication. Quality, sensation and immersive experience provided by Vstroker are the highlights. Priced at around $100, it is an excellent value for money.

The eJaculator

ejaculator The eJaculator is a modern and advanced masturbator. Gay VR porn videos can be enjoyed seamlessly well with the use of eJaculator and this stroker is going to give you control on the gay VR porn you watch. All your wildest stroking imaginations are going to be satisfied and the aspect of controlling it is very special.

Get any of these toys and enhance your gay VR porn experience. You can change the way you watch gay porn using sex toys and it is always exciting to spice things up.

Gay VR porn listed in this site can be enjoyed using most of the VR headsets like Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, etc. It is very easy to setup and integrate these sex toys with your VR headsets and this will transform your gay VR porn experience. Sex toys are comfortable, simple and are tested products which are designed to deliver maximum pleasure and comfort. Most of the VR headsets and compatible sex toys come with Bluetooth connectivity and this lets you pair them easily and watch all the mind-blowing gay VR movies. Simply place these sex toys on your penis or vagina or butt or any other sensual place you want and enjoy gay sex to the core.