VirtualRealPorn Compatible Sex Toys

Virtualrealporn Sex ToysVirtual Real Porn VR porn studio is the number 1 VR porn studio at the moment and the quality of VR movies and compatibility across different headsets and sex toys is also one of the main reasons for it. There are more than 100 VR porn movies of different styles and performances. You might have come across several reviews and discussions on the quality of VR porn movies, porn stars, performances, video quality, compatible VR headsets and others. In this section, we are going to discuss in detail about the different types of sex toys that are compatible in experiencing Virtual Real Porn VR movies.

Sex Toys Compatibility

3D VR porn movies can be made immersive and sexual not only by using VR headsets but these movies can be made lively, entertaining and fun filled using different sex toys. Teledildonics is an exciting technology and using these toys, you are going to experience VR porn in a completely different way. If you are looking to enjoy VR porn movies offered by Virtual Real Porn studio then you can try some of the exciting sex toys from Lovense, Kiiroo and Vstroker. You can use other toys to enjoy VR porn from this site but these toys are very special. Solo and couple sex entertainment is possible using these and all those long distance sex relationships can be cherished using them. Let us discuss in detail about these sex toys.


Immersive VR porn is taken to the next level by Lovense and they have two exciting products, one each from Men and Women. Max and Nora are these two sex toys, Max for men and Nora for women. Both these toys work based on syncing and this ensures maximum VR porn enjoyment. Virtual Real Porn VR porn studio and Lovense have created these two products in collaboration and they know how to keep their customers satisfied. All you need is a Bluetooth dongle to connect Max or Nora to the VR headset you use to watch Virtual Real Porn studio movies. Contractions, vibrations and rotations will sync with the actual performance showcased in the VR porn movie and this gives you great feel and fun.

maxLovense Max – Max is a stroker or a masturbator, if you’d like to call it that way. It is made of vagina type skin textured soft material and this gives you maximum pleasure. Contractions sync with the speed of the VR porn girl and the vibrations sync with the body contact.

noraLovense Nora – This is a rabbit styled vibrator that comes with a clitoral mound, which acts as a vibrator. Rotations sync with the speed of the performer and similar to Max, vibrator syncs with respect to body to body contact.
Oculus Rift VR, Samsung Gear VR, Android and iOS based smartphones are the VR headsets and devices supported to use Max and Mora for enjoying VR porn.


Kiiroo has also manufactured two exciting sex toys in collaboration with Virtual Real Porn. Simulated immersive tactile VR porn experience is offered by these sex toys. Onyx and Pearl are the two sex toys you must definitely have.

onyxKiiroo Onyx – This is the male masturbator and by pairing it with your VR headset you can enjoy immersive real time 3D VR porn. Automatic and manual modes are available and you can use it in the mode you like.


pearlKiiroo Pearl – Smartest vibrator you will ever find in the market and this is the perfect companion for Onyx. Built-in sensors in Pearl transmit data to Onyx and also to other connected devices and this ensures a complete immersive experience.

Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift VR headset should be your preferred headsets for using these sex toys for enjoying different VR porn performances showcased in Virtual Real Porn VR studio. Price is a bit on the higher end but it will be worth it.


vstrokerVstrokerVstroker is also one of the best VR sex toys available in the market and this toy comes loaded with features. This device uses sleeves in conjunction with Fleshlight and this makes it one of the best masturbating sex toys in the industry. Vstroker communicates with the VR porn movie you are watching and will even make the porn star speak to you asking to fuck her hard when it senses a reduction in fucking speed, Isn’t that exciting! Wow! You got to get this sex toy immediately.

Virtual Real Porn VR studio movies can be enjoyed in the best manner possible using any of these sex toys. Use any of these toys and enhance your 3D immersive VR porn experience today. We can guarantee you that you will never leave these toys.