VirtualRealTrans Compatible Sex Toys

Virtualrealtrans Sex ToysAre you a huge fan of trannies! Well, you have found the best and right VR porn studio that specializes in Trannies VR porn movies. Transsexual VR porn movies of different varieties are offered by Virtual Real Trans VR porn studio and you get to enjoy all the vivid and exciting performances showcased by Trannies. Virtual Real Trans is one of the sites managed by Virtual Real Porn, which is a pioneer in VR porn. Visual experience of all the Transsexual VR porn movies can be enhanced using VR Headsets. Now, you have different kinds of sex toys to make VR experience more real and sensual. Trans Girls of Virtual Real Trans are one of the wildest porn performers.

Now we will discuss about all the different compatible Sex Toys for viewing Virtual Real Tran VR porn movies.


max Nora and Max Teledildonics from Lovense are two of the best sex toys available in the market. You can simply connect them with your VR headset and have a realistic porn entertainment with your favorite Trans porn star. Lovense sex toys are tested and are going to give you guaranteed fun and entertainment without a doubt.

nora Men and Women who want to have a wild ride with any of the Trannies from Virtual Real Trans studio can use it to get exactly that. Max and Nora can be easily paired with Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR. Contractions, vibrations and rotations are sensor based and will give you sensations and tickles based on your porn performance.

Just get geared up and select your favorite Trans VR porn and enjoy immersive porn. These are best for solo, couples of boy-girl, girl-girl, boy-boy and whatever combinations you may have in mind. Lovense products are priced just at $99 and by far this is one of the cheapest and best sex toys you can get.

Autoblow 2

autoblowAutoBlow 2 from Robotic Blowjob is going to give you unlimited and mind blowing blowjobs all day long. It comes with a powerful long running motor and this is going to give you everlasting blowjobs. You can connect this sex toy with all the major VR headsets and enjoy Trans VR porn like no other.

When your favorite Trans Girl is giving you a blowjob, her body to body contact will be sensed and the Autoblow 2 will give you blowjob according to that. Isn’t that wonderful! Just ask her to blow your cock harder and harder. By now most of you would have dreamt about it. Well, stop dreaming and it is time for you to own this sex toy. Get it and blow your cock hard and long.


onyx Kiiroo Onyx and Pearl are two of the popular sex toys in line with the Lovense sex toys, we have discussed about earlier. Onyx is a masturbator and Pearl is a vibrator and both these sex toys clubbed together are a perfect combo for Trans VR. Onyx is built using high end Bluetooth enabled technology and this delivers mind blowing masturbation. Pearl looks sleek and elegant and perfect for all those with vaginas and butts. Get that vibrator do its job.

The eJaculator

ejaculator The eJaculator is one of the next gen sex toys you should definitely possess. The eJaculator performs tremendously well and for a simple gadget like this, you are going to get mind blowing performance. The eJaculator is a hands free device, unlike many of the cheap sex toys in the market.

Download the eJaculator app on your smartphone, connect to any of your VR headsets and simply select to play any of the Trans VR porn movies from the extensive porn library of Virtual Real Trans studio. Incredible hyper sensitive immersive Trans VR porn is made available and one you should not miss. Feel it, control it and Yes! You can buy it anonymously.

Twerking Butt

twerkingbuttTwerking Butt is a classic sex toy manufactured by Topco Sales in partnership with one of the top porn websites of the world. Twerking butt gives you perfect twerks, vibrations, massages and has a maximum heating range of up to 98˚. You can pair it with any of your VR headsets and enjoy sex with Trannies virtually, with a sense of feeling real.

Watch all your favorite Trans VR porn movies available in Virtual Real Trans VR porn studio using any of this sex toys and take your enjoyment to a completely new level. You will love the fun and entertainment that these gadgets deliver.