Buy WeVibe – or not? A Review

WeVibe 3 – Review

We have always been looking for a vibrator, which not only gives me alone or even me pleasure during sex, but one of which the male part also has something and which can easily be built into the love game. Only the WE VIBE came into question, which was often recommended to us by friends.

Packaging and appearance

The WE VIBE III comes in a nice cardboard box. We decided for the purple version. It is also available in turquoise-green and dark red. The box also contains a remote control, which can be used to control the vibrator by radio, as well as a very stylish charging station, in which you can also park the remote control. A white cover is also included so that the whole thing can be placed discreetly next to the bed. So nobody recognizes what is there on the bedside table.

Material, workmanship and quality

The overall impression of the pair vibrator is also really exemplary here. The WE VIBE itself is made of silicone and contains a built-in rechargeable battery. It does not smell unpleasant and feels great in the hand. Also the charging station and the remote control make a very valuable impression. The actual core consists of two ends, one of which is slightly wider. This part is placed on the clitoris from the outside, while the slightly thinner end is inserted into the vagina to massage the G-spot and penis. The advantage of the wider part for the clitoris is that it doesn’t slip so easily, even if it’s a bit more violent. The new version is charged by induction, i.e. without any direct contact. Thus the WE VIBE III is now waterproof and can also be used in the shower or in the bathtub. Yay!

The WE VIBE freshly charged in one hand, the remote control in the other, I am curious what awaits me now. The new model is supposed to deliver 40% more vibration power than its predecessors. I didn’t test them, but friends found them very “satisfying”. So it must vibrate quite well.

Buy WeVibe – or not? A Review
If you live in a long distance relationship, this vibrator is a great replacement for real sex. It is perfect for clitoral and G-Spot stimulation! With the app you can turn each other on from everywhere.
9 Total Score
The Perfect vibrator for couples

If you live in a long distance relationship, this vibrator is a great replacement for real sex. It is perfect for clitoral and G-Spot stimulation! With the app you can turn each other on from everywhere.

Realism of feelings
Easy to handle
Intelligent design
Easy to clean
Product Quality
Synchronisation to Video
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Before I did that I read in the manual what vibration modes there are:

  • Slow
  • Fast
  • Pulsating
  • ChaCha
  • Necking
  • In waves

WeVibe 3 Remote control

Here we go. With the remote control switched on and already the two motors start to vibrate in the respective ends of the vibrator. The slow mode is already quite ok. I test all six variants and find out that I will probably like the fast one the best. I am rather old-fashioned there and not for pulsing or waves  And now on to the real test, I am curious!

Orgasm test (solo)

Since my partner is not yet at home, the chic pair vibrator is tested first of all by me completely alone. That’s not so bad, because I can try so different positions in peace. Due to the size, the smaller end is very easy and quick to insert, it does not need much moisture, it is very sweet and small. After all, the penis of the partner must fit in the correct use of the additional. The wider end gently presses on the clitoris, it feels very good and is also quite secure. After I switched it on with the remote control and put it directly on the program “Fast”, the little one purrs pleasantly quietly, but vigorously inside me and on my pearl and it feels really hot. I help with a little pressure on the Klit end and come after about 10 minutes to a great orgasm. Test passed!

Orgasm test (sex with partner)

The moment has come. My friend is at home, we are both keen to try out the new toy and move into the bedroom. At this point I save myself the interpersonal details and get straight to the point. After we introduced the WE VIBE 3 – I was already ready for more – my boyfriend entered me directly and paused for a moment to judge the feeling. The vibrator was already running on “Fast”. For me the feeling was awesome. His penis in me, plus the vibration inside and on the pearl. Really great! My friend was a little irritated in the beginning, but he found it after a short time also sharp and enjoyed to finally have something of a vibrator.


Really a great toy! Who is on the search for a pair vibrator, should buy the WE VIBE III urgently. The price is not the cheapest, but who will be stingy when it comes to long lasting fun during sex. For me alone I prefer to use other toys, but during sex the WE VIBE is a welcome guest and enriches our love life immensely. Buy recommendation!

WeVibe 4 – Review

The We Vibe 4 is the perfect vibrator for couples. It should also provide stimulation during the love play and give both parties joyful moments. I took a close look at the fourth model of We Vibe and did a lot with it.

Packaging and appearance

We Vibe 4 PaarvibratorVorab: The We Vibe 4 is available in pink and purple. Purple it is. It is packed in a rather small cardboard box, which is kept in white and also praises the product it contains quite openly. Discreet smuggling past curious neighbours is very difficult this way. Nevertheless, the packaging is by no means intrusive or even dirty. On the contrary, it promises value and high quality, which I – quite honestly – expect from a vibrator. Because cheap stuff has nothing to do with me. Also, the vibrator itself looks very valuable and elegant, although it has so nothing in common with a “conventional vibrator”. The form is a completely different one and also with the application at least a difference is to be expected immediately. The vibrator is delivered for beautiful hours for two in a practical box that also serves as a charger and a cordless remote control.

Material, workmanship and quality

Made of pure silicone, the We Vibe has been fundamentally revised in the fourth generation together with gynaecologists and sex researchers. And all this with only one goal: the We Vibe 4 should give me unforgettable moments during sex with my boyfriend and make my clitoris and the G-spot tremble. At least the workmanship is perfect, there are no angular edges or possibilities to hurt yourself somehow on the material.

We Vibe 4 Charging Station InductionAfter charging in the fancy box where my, no, our new toy was delivered, the We Vibe 4 with its six vibration settings can be switched on directly. It can be used in ten (!) different intensities! I especially liked the possibility to remote control the vibrator during use, so that you don’t have to remove or touch it to increase the intensity (or decrease it, if necessary). So much will be revealed: If you actually have all six modes at the highest level of lust through, you are already a bit done. My boyfriend was similar to me. But that didn’t stop us from starting the test again the next day.

Orgasmus test (solo)

Admittedly, solo and alone the We Vibe makes little sense at first glance. After all, it is also intended as a vibrator for couples who want to have fun together and want to experience even more in bed (or elsewhere). Nevertheless I tried this little wonder thing on my own. Whereby alone is not quite the right term. I was lying in the bathtub and had ideal help from my shower. The result was satisfying. And that’s what it should be in the end.

Orgasmust test (with partner)

We Vibe 4 with remote controlThe fourth We Vibe (yes, I also know the models 1 to 3) was much more fun together with my friend. As already mentioned we tried all the different modes of vibration on the first evening. And since I couldn’t get enough, we chose the highest vibration level. Altogether we had three hours of fun. And both I and my boyfriend were very enthusiastic. Whereby, there is a small point of criticism. At the first insertion the vibrator seemed a little “hard”. But it could also be that I was simply too nervous and excited about the effect. My friend, however, felt the vibrations very strongly even at his best piece and showed enthusiastic endurance.


For this reason, my conclusion on the We Vibe 4 is very clear and short: I, no, we are thrilled. Such a small wonder device can give both men and women real feelings of explosion. And the We Vibe number 4 was the real crowning achievement for me so far.